Screen display problem

How do I get my app to display like it does when I develop it?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy s9, but I know others will have a different one. I never had this problem before with the old version.

Thanks for the help.

Use some labels to introduce spaces between the buttons horizontally. There is not much you can do about the rounded corners on the buttons, unless you use an extension.

Strange. Try setting btnAbout 's width in pixels, instead of using "automatic."

You can use this extension.

Sometimes, do not trust the Designer. You may see some spaces in the Designer, but when you test it out, the spaces are gone.

Yes. My way is to use HorizontalArrangements as little spaces, with their width and height as 1 percent.

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It is better to use blank Labels since they are the least demanding of file size/logic and they can't make other components 'disappear' when dragging into position.


Hello Jim

You can reduce the number of GUI components and get more reliable results across smart phone types with this approach:

ScreenLayout.aia (1.6 KB)

Note that, without using tiny text, the Button text labels you have are too wide for some phone types, in particular the 'Chocolate bar' smart phones. As you see above, I have avoided the issue by replacing 'Information' with 'Data'. You could also use 'Info' of course, but that would not necessarily translate well in other languages.

Concerning rounded corners on buttons, although I would prefer them, the phone manufacture/model/theme are the deciding factors. I think they are best left alone (you can try the other Screen themes in App Inventor).

Edit: 'Pre Checklist' could be 'Pre Check'. You might like to give the 'Exit' button a different colour i.e. red, which tends to be associated with program exit.


Thank you to everyone that responded and thank you for not making this old man feel stupid. LOL


I changed it to Percentage. Is using Pixels better?


Sorry, I meant pixels/percentage. Neither of them is better; it all boils down to convenience.

Good to know. Thanks

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