Screen changing [solved]

So I needed to make a game. My game is on Screen 1, but I forgot to make a start screen. If you open the app the app takes immediately to screen 1, but my start screen is on screen 3. Is there a way I can change that?

No, ma comunque puoi utilizzare un Layout dove andrai a ricreare la tua schermata iniziale; quindi all’avvio della tua app, potrai far comparire prima questo layout attraverso visible = True


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Thanks for your help!

Good advice from Nicola.

We call this method “Virtual” Screens. Use a Vertical Arrangement as your Virtual Screen1 (or splash screen), while hiding the content on Screen1 that you already have in place. You could make life easier by moving your existing component layout onto a Virtual Screen too. See my GUI tips: GUI Layout (simple ‘how to’ movie included)

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