Schedule text app

Hi there!.

I'm working on an App for my transport company. We have some trucks that can be started remotely.

So I want an App which allow me to send sms to the truck and schedule them.

This is what I have done.

Even if I schedule, the App sends the sms inmediatly.

I know it is a mess and probably there would be thousand of wrong things, but I would appreciate some help, please.

Thank you so much in advance.


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Hi Sandra

That is because the last block of the Button1 Block sends the sms when it should trigger a ClockTimer that sends the message when you require it to.

Now, Apps do not normally work once the phone has gone to sleep, but actually the ClockTimers do when set to 'Timer Always Fires'. So you could experiment and try sending a message after, say, 10 minutes (by which time your phone should be asleep). Much depends on your Scheduling though, you can't use a timer if it is to send a message days later, but you can send same day. You might find an extension that offers scheduling:

Thank you so much!

Could you show me an example of how blocks should be in order to button 1 trigger a ClockTimer?

Sorry if it is too much to ask but I'm completly lost at this point.

¡Thank you so much again for your answer!

After a whole night working on this I did it!!

I wanted to share it here with you just in case any of you have the same problem, I bet there will probably be tons of easier ways to do it but this is where I get.
I share with you my finals blocks, if you can not see it properly or you need something else, just ask for it!! :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra

If you are happy and it's working, that's great. Your GUI looks very good.

How many Trucks are there?

we have about 20!!!!

This App is gonna help us to earn so much time!!

That long green AND block stretching off to the right can be made more compact by right clicking on it and switching it to External sockets.

OHH! Thank you so much!

It looks so much better now :smiley:

...alternatively, use an Ultra-Wide PC screen :joy:

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Can you mention what button1, button2, button3 and button4 correspond to ?
I mean which of the above are On, off and schedule buttons ??