Scanview aix work or not work?

Hello, I downloaded the scanview extnesion that unlike the qr and bars this should read pdf 417 2d code ... sometimes it reads it and sometimes not! and it is not supported in the same layout as qr, does anyone know the correct scanview block! ?? Thank you

Do you mean this extension ?

hello if from this extension I downloaded it and tested it with the pdf417 code
but at the start of the invenotr app it says
This project was saved with a newer version of the App Inventor system. An attempt will be made to load the project, but there may be compatibility issues.

the*.aia not open

The project was built in Kodular, using components that are not in AppInventor. The workaround is to open a project in Kodular, see how the blocks are built, then recreate the blocks in AppInventor.

If I have done it in other projects, I will try again thanks, and one more question is compatible to also use the function and qr connectors in the same design ... as to generate only the link of the files, that is, scanview and qr in the same design!?

Need a QR code generator?

no, I already have what I say that when I tried to have both in the same design, it did not compile the inventor app platform, it did not generate the apk ... I will try to do everything from scratch to know if it works separately or together

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