Scan IP local network. WiFi. ping. id neighbour. Web servers

Three ideas for scanning a network.

1.- Using the ping command:

ping -c 1

[-c 1 -------> sends 1 packet]

This method is slow, it takes about 4 seconds to check each IP, so 20 IPs would check them in 80 seconds.

2.- Command ip neighbour show

We obtain the IP and Mac of the devices, but devices have to be previously identified.
For example you run this command you get several IPs. You do a ping scan, and you run ip neighbor again, you will get more IPs since they have been recognized.

It needs the Terminal extension.

3.- Check if the IP is a web server.

Requesting a web file through the Web component. If the IP is a web server it will send us an error file of type text/html, if it is not a server we will get an "Unable to get".

  • An app with three methods:

p72Ni_escanear_IPs.aia (18.9 KB)


Can we use this extension to send message to another device on same local network?
I've used your extension before here
but there is a bug on android 10 and above. if I send from an android version below android 10 then the message will be received but if it's the other way around, then the message is not received and must be provoked first to send from android below version 10

KIO4_SimpleWebServer is a different extension than the one used in this topic.

To send a message, try...


Thank you. where can i download the latest version of the extension simplewebserver?



Thank you :+1: