Scan and listing


I would like to make an application when I scan with my phone some QRcode that makes me a list on another page. Like :

  • 1x Tablet
  • 2x Screen
  • 1X ......

Waiting for your answer I wish you my best regards.


"Page," as in "screen?"

If I'm not wrong, this is on par with something like a shopping list, right?
And this text is read from the QR code?

Thank you for your answer.
Yes a page on another screen.
I started to make a home page with a cam button to go to the camera screen and a listing button to go to the listing screen.
This is the idea of making like a shopping list with my QR codes that I create based on the item.

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The in-built BarcodeScanner component can be used to read QR codes. What value(s) is/are returned from the QR code?

Values are just letters. And I don't know how to send the scanned data to my list.

Are the values separated by a specific character, or is it just a continuous string of letters? Sorry–forgot to ask about the separators.

The values are only a continuous string of letters. After that if you need to separate the values with symbols I can adapt.

You cannot split the string into a list without separators, unless the letters are distributed uniformly. Are they?
It's still good practice to use separators, though.

I'll need just this much of information, and I can start building the app.

I'll give you some examples so that we understand each other.

clou gamma
grand osseux
mini cardiaque
scopie base
moteur stryker

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Unfortunately, it seems like we'll need symbol separators. Commas should be good.

Or the symbol _ or - ? No ?
Grand-osseux or Grand_osseux ?

But, there needs to be a way to split the text into a list, so each and every single item is separated. If you're using commas between the items, you can just use these blocks:


Ho good I'll try tonight.
How do you do the block captures?

I use the in-built Windows 10 Snip & Sketch app

Ha ok nice

When I click to go to the screen ''Scan'' the camera does not activate.