Saving video, images and audio files in a database (Sqlite or others)

Hello guys, actually I have an app that uses a sqlite db filled with text (files) to be read and reproduced using the text to speech component. The DB contains all the personalization of the app. Actually the customer has to install the app and then one of the DBs. Now I would like to extend the app giving the possibility to reproduce also musics, videos and images (multimedia files). The first idea is to save in the DB the file name of the multimedia filesbut this means that the customer has to download a lot of files or a zip file and the app then has to unpack its contents. What I really would like is to store the multimedia files in the DB directly but I can not image how to assign the contents to a temporary file that may be assigned to the player, video player or image component. Does exist a known solution to this problem?
Thanks, Massimo

What will the total size, in mb, be for all these media files?

sqlite is designed to store text values, not binary.

BLOB in sqlite is OK to save and retrieve binary files as images, music and so on

Difficult to say because the end customer has a PC application to write the DB and manage the multimedia files. I can imagine that the total size for all the media file may be in the order of 1GB.

Have you checked the app size possible on PlayStore?
Even if not uploading to playstore you would need to add the media / sqlite db after compiling the app, not sure if 1GB is even possible.

Would make more sense to store everything online and call the media files down to the app as required.

Server folks would normally avoid using the blob, and store the media file separately, and store a text link in the db.

The app will be not published on Google playstore. The app contains only the code and can be customized per customer changing colours and graphics and adding/removing some optional functions. At the first run the app has no DB so asks to the user to scan the QR corresponding to the DB and downloads and install the DB. The app itself is not so big but the DB may be big depending how many data the customer will put on it. At the moment I did not find a better solution then put the file name in the DB and put DB and the files in a zip archive so that the app can download always just one file and then it can unzip the multimedia files and the DB. But, if I would find a solution to put everything inside the DB I would be more happy.