Saving user details of each user

Hello everyone!

I'm a beginner in app inventor and i am facing a little difficulty creating an application.
I'm trying to make an application that can saves user details to the account that was created by the user, i want each user details to be saved under their account, for example when user A creates an account with all the required details, the next time user A logs into the account user A should be able to access their detail and not have to start all over again.

Thank you.

Once user logged in successfully save all of his details in a tinydb and recover it whenever it is necessary.

Here is the blocks of code for the login and signup page for screen1

and here is the second screen where user enters their details
please is there anything i'm not getting right

can you explain more what is going wrong? any errors?

No error, just that I'm find it difficult to display the saved user details, for example whenever user A logs in, the name of user A should be display on the dashboard.
Secondly, the user details saves in a single line like this ( Name Description Service Company's-Address), but i need it to save in this format

Company's Address