Saving file with auto-generated filename with override option

I would like to save a file with a filename generated by the app but allow the user to input a new name of his choice if he wishes. I know that I can notify the user of the auto-generated filename with a "Show Alert" Notifier and can have the user input a filename with a "Show Text Dialog" Notifier but what I need is a notifier that will display the auto-generated filename and allow the user to accept or change the name.

Does such a Notifier exist or is there a recommended way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Most programs have a Save button or menu option that opens up (makes Visible) a Horizontal Arrangement with a pre-loaded TextBox with a suggested file name you can change, and a secondary Save button to do the actual Save and hide the Arrangement.

This is similar to most Download dialogs.

Thanks, I think this will work. I'll try it and let you know.

You can also do it with two instances of the Notifier - the first being a show-choose. The User can chose to use the file name on display or choose to enter a different one. If the latter, a Show Text Dialog can be displayed.

Thanks ABG. This suggestion worked great.

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