Saving data to App "File" storage and searching saved data

I am relatively new to AppInventor. I am trying to create an app to store my BluRays and DVDs titles (I have over 1200 of them). I want to use the in-App File storage but I cannot find any tutorials or examples of which blocks to use. I want to be able to permanently save the files, search, and add to files. I would also like to note if a particular title is BluRay, DVD, and/or Digital. I am not understanding how to initially create the file or search to see if a movie is already listed. Can anyone share samples or guide me to a tutorial? Thank you.

Hello Delmar

I think your App would be best served by a database -not inside the App but readily searchable. The in-App storage is TinyDB, which does not have built-in search facilities.

There is a very nice extension:

Thank you. I will try your suggestion.