Saving a project to local PC when servers are down

Almost constantly getting "Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!" alerts. But that's not my question. When I save an aia file to my PC, to ensure I don't lose my work, it does not seem to pick up my changes. Is there a way to save these changes, with the servers down?

If the main ai2 server is not saving your project, then you will only get an aia of the last saved project.

Suggest you just need to wait until the server makes it to saving.

and check your internet connection.....

Thanks TIMAI2, the server wasn't coming back, and eventually the session timed out. The web pages in my Chrome & edge browsers were all responding normally.
However, your comment allowed me to move on to another suspect, that has given me some consternation when logging on coffee shop wifi's. Since I'm traveling international, I've been using NordVPN. Simply turning it off doesn't seem to do the trick. I have to uninstall it. After 2 days of failing to save the project, it now seems to work. If that continues, I'll chalk it up to a NORDVPN problem.

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Hello Tom

The golden rule is to save to your PC very very often - I save when any major change is made or every fifteen minutes.

I also save procedures and events by name for granularity. They can be dragged into the blocks editor.