Saving a picture from Tiny WebDB

Hi :wave:
I'm making an simple app for storing picture in Tiny WebDB.
There's no problem when uploading file or download it.
But when I open the picture which just saved to my device, it said it's broken file.

Can someone help me? :pray: :pray:

You are not uploading a binary file. You are only uploading the link or name to the file. TinyWebDB cannot handle binary data.

No, I store it to tiny webdb, and then I getvalue from tiny webdb, it really works.
It shown at the 'Image' viewer, when I tried to click on it, it should be save as a jpg file, but it broken.

I don't know how it works, but it really does.
It really handle binary data.

The file component can only save text files, you need a different method for image files. If the image is displayed in your image component there must be a file path, so why need to save it again ?

use this extension to encode the image and save it in tinyDB and then whenever you want to show your image just decode that code using this extension

or watch this tutorial

Thanks! :heart: :heart:

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