Saving a list inside another

Hello everybody!

I need help storing the data inside firebase. Actually my blocks are working well, but I'd like to know if there's an alternative way to store them, cause my boss told the way I stored user's information is better than the client's way. I tried to change the blocks to store clients the same way I did in the users blocks,but it can just store one client, and when I try to store a second client it substitutes the first client's data. Take a look at my blocks and the firebase tree.!The red block is the client and the black for users.

Have you noticed that you save a list in the user and not in the client?

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Yep! That's my doubt. I want to store the user as the father and child as many clients as I want. When I tried making a list for clients it replaces the data of the user. Where am I messing up on my blocks?

You should then create a field in the user that would be the customer list