Saving a file to an web directory ( drive )

Hello the world.
I need to save a file in a folder whose address I have.
Is there any possibility ?

Here is my test :

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, it is not straight forward to save files from the app to google drive.
You have to convert the file to a base64 string, then use a web app to post the file to google drive

Just for reference - in your blocks - for the path socket in Web1.PutFile - this is the path to the file you want to upload on your device (but as above this will not work for google drive)

Hi !

Ok, it seem not to be simple. I am a newcomer in the APP world :slightly_smiling_face:

So may be I’ll turn my need to simply copy the text of my file to a google spreadsheet by addind a sheet on an existing spreadsheet. I’ve seen example about that.

Thank you for your answer.