Save the data in cloudDB and show in Listview

see block screen 3 because doesn't work
Municipal_assistance_copy2.aia (1.1 MB)

why don't response me ??? :sweat: :sweat: :pensive:

What is 'other'? Are you expecting to display the image from the CloudDB in the App Inventor Listview?
As far as I can tell developers can only use images that are located in Media.

GetImageName( listElement ) Get the filename of the image of a ListView element that has been uploaded to Media.

Since the image is not in Media, I imagine, you cannot place the image from the CloudDB in the red x .

Maybe you can use the Collin ListViewer extension?

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Ok , i do that and it’s work . but i want to transfer the data for this page to another page , because i want the coordinator see the detail about the complaint ?

Then take the advice you received in your other discussion

or you can get rid of your multiple screens and use a Virtual Screen as discussed in Building Apps with Many Screens and avoid transferring the data to another page entirely.

but i am use cloudDB to save data . how i do that ?

You will need to use @Juan_Antonio's Base64 extension which can save the base64 encode back to file. Then you can display this file in the listview.