Save Selected Value

Will there be an example of how to save the value that is selected from a Drop-Down List in such a way when executing the application again it is placed in said selection? On the other hand, how would the blocks be so that, depending on the value selected from the drop-down list, they execute a different audio sound?

You can use TinyDB for remebering the selection.

Use the If block.
Example for both:
Save Selection and Play Audio

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Thank you very much for the support and example. I was able to solve it thanks to you. An additional query Is it possible to read the notifications that appear on the cell phone?


Yes use @Taifun's Notification Listener extension.
See examples in the link (their website)

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That's not the best way if there are several items - just use a Blocks List, no If-then-else if required.

You can use a drop-down list, but for long lists, the List Picker is best (for very long lists it can use a filter where the User types in a portion of the item name they are looking for).

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Yes your method will work for long lists.

It's also best to use index numbers rather than comparing text, avoids typos and is easier to code.

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