Save recently searched

Hi, we are trying to find out how to save a word or phrase after it’s been typed into a text box numerous times. Basically we are trying to save recently searched phrases and don’t know how, is it possible?

Hi Daryn:

Can you save a word or phrase … yes, use a TinyDB to save the word or phrase on your Android or use the CloudDB or FirebaseDB on line or save to a Google spreadsheet stored on your Google Drive.

…after numerous times? You need to query your data base for the phrase and then make a counter.

This doesn’t sound easy, even for an advanced programmer but it is possible depending on the results you expect and what and how you are searching in your app.

What have you tried so far? The developers here in the Forum probably will provide some ideas after you explain more about your Project and they understand exactly how you think this could work.

When you need help about a specific part, show what you have done and explain what needs to be done. Just ask again.

Thank you Steve.

Does your app receive the search requests from the user?