Save Project As error try again later

I have a project (Maranatha2) that has a few image files and 365 daily text files (0101.txt thru 1231.txt). I am guessing that when I try to save this project as a new name that it is failing due to the 365+ files. None of the text files are very big.

I will try deleting the daily files to make the copy then reload the files for the original project. Wish me luck!


If this text files aren't that big, consider storing the data for each textfile in a list or in the tinydb...

Yea, list might have worked but with various punctuation in the text, I am not sure how well I could get that to work. When I deleted the files down to 60 text files and I was able to do the Save Project As. Having the 365+ files ONLY failed when copying the project. I was able to get the original project with all those files working fine. :slight_smile:

Since deleting files to copy the project worked, I am good to go.


Remove some files from the assets, build the app and add (reinsert) the missing files:

I have a desktop program that can take lines of text and produce an App Inventor Blocks List, meaning no need to type it all in block-by-block. I don't know what the length limit of a text item is though....... If you want to send the files to me I can see if they will be good to go as a Blocks List.

TinyDB is a good choice for predefined data too, you can load it up via a Procedure that reads the files and saves them as text data. It would be very nice if developers could pre-define TinyDb for this sort of purpose. It has been discussed, having been proposed by TimAI2.

If the number of files is a limitation but the files are small, loading them into a spreadsheet with MMDD in column 1 and the corresponding text in column 2 would allow you to export the sheet in CSV format, which could be loaded from a single file into a table, for use with the lookup in pairs list block.