Save ListView contents on a file (android 11)

I want to take the elements of a listview and save them into a file.

This would be easy if each item had only MainText, I also use the detailText but not the imageText.

I thought of using the list-to-CSV block but it is impossible since commas are quite frequent in the ListView.

Then I thought of using the join-items-using-seperator block but I don't think it includes the detailText.

Is it going to work using the join-items-using-seperator block (using \n as a seperator) or do I need to look for another solution?

See here

which shows how to access all the parts of an element in a listview (main/detail/image)

From this you should be able to extract what you need, save to a list, then to a file.

You can save the ListView.Elements to the file, and later you can set the elements like this: