Save image in Tinydb

Hi all,
I have an image in my screen (Image1) and I want to save it in a Tinydb.
«Image1» can proceed from my camera or from a saved image in assets.
I have tried to use Kio4_base64 extension but I am not sure about instructions.
Initially I use Kio4_base64 «imagetobase64» with the name of the image (image1) and then I use «Afterimagebase64» and I add «base64data» to a list («Pictures»).
Finally I save the list «Pictures» in a tinydb.
But all this does not function !!
Any help with this procedure ?

show your relevant blocks

Not possible. You can only save the path.
You might want to use CloudDB to do so.

Thanks a lot for your answer. In my case, I get an image from the camera, but then I put the captured image in a «Image1» and I give the possibiliy to rotate «Image1» to adapt to all cameras.
How can I know the «Image1» path ?

You can save the base64 string of an image to tinydb.

Instead of writing your work out in text, perhaps show the blocks you are using, and the paths you are following to load, display and encode the image (and then how you return the base64 string to an image compoent when needed.