Save data with cloud db

i trided a tutorial on youtube for saving data with firebase,but as both firebase and cloud db has same blocks i tried with cloud db

while saving and retriving data i do not get all the data i saved eventhough i placed the blocks for save
my blocks

and my app cloudtest.aia (8.7 KB) can you please check my problem

Issue is probably in your gotValue event block....

Also the CloudDB FAQ

If i have problem in only got value block. Then is all my other blocks are correct .can you please check it.

I mean blocks for updating,getting,and deleting data

I have had a look.

I am not really to sure what these blocks in getValue are supposed to be doing, it appears it is taking a list and trying to eat it up to nothing.

If you remove these and then just have this in your gotValue:

then all the contents of the tags are returned to the list.

If this is what you want.....?

Ok i will try

I still get those errors ,sometimes it saves again and again the same information, sometimes if i delete 1 information it delets all the information
And some times it is not saving and it saves only "name 1=|name 2=|name3= ":point_left:and if i delete it,it shows an error dialogue box and a button end application

Why not tell us exactly what you want to achieve (write a long description), then we can make a better job of using cloudDB for the purpose....

Very simple save,read,update and delete data using cloud db

Even after closing the app and opening it again

I have created a simplified version, try this, perhaps you can build from here to get the functionality you want.

cloudtest_simplified.aia (4.9 KB)

Remember, the MIT provided cloudDB is for testing purposes only, you should build your own redis server for production.

HOWTO: Setup Redis Server with SSL for use with AI2

Sir/mam i am just studying 8th std and i cant understand those codes given under the subtitles can you please tell an easy way to set up an redis server.

If you are doing student project work then using the MIT cloudDB will be OK

No i am not doing a student project,i am doing an app for my father as he is an watercan supplier to make all his calculation easier and it will be useful for him for his lifetime.

Thanks for this aia file it working as i wish now