Save data and files on vpn server

I want save photos and data in csv files on the vpn server. Is it possible?
After logging in to the external application I gain access to vpn files, and I can move between folders, and use folder paths.

Please explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve

I have a external network drive on vpn server and i want save/send files and data in csv files (from smartphone to network drive)
For example: I create app that saves and data in a google sheet. But now i want save data in file on network drive. e.g in the folder path "H:\data app files\storage.csv"

This might help:

SMB Manager Extension by Jörg Hüneburg

Thank you for hint.
Downloading and uploading working good.
But i don't know how to reading data from a csv file on this extension.
Is there any way?

something like the links below


If you have downloaded a csv file to your device, use the File component to read it, and set the text in the File1.GotText to a list variable

The point is to save and read data in real time.
Several people must use the same file at one time,
for this downloading file to device is not an option.

You have moved the goalposts. Now you want multiuser editing of a file on a local network drive!
Does it have to be local? Why use a google sheet ?

I make apps in which many users can currently read and write information from a google sheets, but I want this data to remain on the network drive, so that the data does not go beyond the internal network (for security).
And I want to add the ability to save photos to these applications.
The general purpose is to write and read all information only from a network drive.

Is the network drive just file storage, or is it on a server (e.g. http/php etc.) ?

Its a file storage.

I can't test or develop as I do not have such a setup, personally I wouldn't do it that way.
What are the particular security issues you have with Google Sheets, you can lock a google sheet down to specific users only. Do you have G Suite ?

The security policy of the company in which i works is a problem :slight_smile:
Data should not be output to external servers, for this work on the internal server is crucial.
The second thing is that in such a system only users have access to them

Do you have an http/php local server you can use? Setup a php tinywebdb? php will manage the file locks as well.

Your Own Secure php TinyWebDB

The point od that the Excel file is aslo used by other computer users.
In short, the first users enter data from the phone, and others users read this data from the computer.

For everything to work as it i should only need an extension that has the got.Text function on external file server.
Does anybody know this extension?