Save checkbox when getting it back

Hi everybody. I'm making a program that uses check boxes. I looked for related posts but couldn't find them. Currently I am having difficulty in that, I use 3 checkboxes to answer many questions. When pressing next, the checkboxes should return false and when pressing back, the ticked answers for the previous question will be kept. Anyone know can just help me. thanks all1

Looks like your code is nearly there yoyo. You need to have a separate CloudDB Tag for every Question to store the CheckBox State (do you need to save in the Cloud and not on the device?).

is it like this?

It needs a more sophisticated approach because the CheckBox components are used alongside several different questions. So you need a way to identify the Questions and associate the CheckBox value.

Because I'm newbie, I don't know how to use it. can you help me? thanks

Help me to help you:

  1. How many questions are there in total?
  2. Where are the questions stored?
  3. Do the questions remain the same (e.g. if there are twenty questions, will it always be the same set of twenty questions or will there be other sets?)
  4. This is a multiple choice system with three answers for the User to choose from for each question?
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