Save Canvas No longer works after app inventor update

Hi everyone, hoping you can offer some insight as to what's going on here

I have an app that has been in use on multiple devices for the last year and involves calling up the camera, taking a picture, then set the image as a canvas background and save it. it has been working fine up until i went to do an update and compiled the .apk using the latest release of App inventor. now when i go to take the picture i get the message "Error 908: the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the Settings app"

any idea as to why this has suddenly started happening and if there is a work around or fix?

Welcome to the community. Have a look at

thanks for the reply, the method you have provided is all good if you want to use extensions, but surely if the "Save Canvas As" block no longer actually works as intended then this would be a bug that needs fixed by MIT?

What Android you use?

Separate the two activities Camera and Canvas

Try just saving a canvas to a variable then look at the file path

Try just taking a picture and look at the file path

After a bit more debugging and cruising through recent forum posts, it looks like the issue isn't with the canvas save........... Yet, it is actually with the camera component, there is another guy on here that is having the same issue as me today

Try using /storage/emulated/0/Pictures folder. It doesn't require permissions. Or you can use the ASD (internal storage). More info on external storage limitations: API 30 workarounds