Save and load csv to listview

Hello. I'm a newbie. When I try to load the csv data back into the listview, this is the result. What am I messing up?


So why you think you messed up? any problem?
What do you want to achieve?

I would like to see the same image after loading as before saving.

Before saving :

After loading:

Are you showing us all your relevant blocks?

Somehow, your global lista is being set to the Listview Elements. Also, what setting do you have in the designer for the listview layout ?

listview layout in designer set to Maintext, Detail text vertical.

OK. It can be confusing. You are creating listview elements in Button 1. You need to create list items for your global lista.

The saved csv is also bad.

Keep your global lista separate (as a list of lists) from the listview elements that you build from global lista.

Something like this:

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