Save a video mp4 using camcorder and taifun file

i am trying to save a video using camcorder but i cant get correctly what block of taifun file using inside camcorder after recording for create the mp4 file this is my blocks

camrecordtaifunfile.aia (34.4 KB)

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i am trying to save my cam recorder file after start recording using taifun tools.

set the clip to a route but using taifun files

maybe using this block

can define a route when the camcorder has be finished to record?. i am trying to set a new route to the camcorder

i am trying to create a new route for save the mp4 file using the camcorder

you are working with App Inventor since a long time and you are still putting blocks randomly together

obviously you should do everything in the right order, i.e. first start recorrding, then rename the recorded file
after recording it does not make sense to set the clip parameter to something else

also there is a documentation, which explains all the blocks as well there are toolstips, just hover a block to get its description

and concerning the file extension, if you use a async procedure, you have to continue the processing in its corresponding event... I explained that already to you, unfortunately you forgot about it again...

FileListAsync -> AfterFIleListAsync

yes, also the file extension does have a documentation App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


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ok thanks for help i am change my code using the example of the link of the camcorder
i dont build blocks randomly, maybe my logic its a little wrong but i am trying to learn sorry about not be a expert in logic programming

its ok?

i am guiding me using the reference of cam recording

but i am getting error 701 using the apk

the file show that is created but when i go to the file, dont exist why?

when i try to play the video get error 701

You can't manipulate clip like this, clip is read only

See here

.also don't hesitate do do a search for Camcorder here in the community


I searched the community a bit for you
See for example


i am using your guide but i get this error

read the error message... that path does not really make sense...

use Do it to debug your blocks...
what is the value of Label1.Text?


in the image example use label text

In case you fo not know, what you were doing:
You copied your video to ASD
It's name is keyb.mp4


Tested and working on Android 6.01 in companion app (2.71u):

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