Samsung S10, applications problem

Hi all ! Have a very funny problem Have developed a application for my company and it works on every phones except Samsung S10 It works on previous models.

You can install it, but when You try to start it flashes an imediatelly shut down and places the program in the background.

Must be some kind of protection, but I cant find what… Is there perhaeps sombody with a clue ?

// Gordon

No, unfortunately we are not clairvoyants.
So post the aia or at least the block Screen1.Initialize.

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Some blind guesses …

Tighter permission requirements on more modern devices?

Different directory structures and mount points for different manufacturers, so hard coded file paths fail?

Ok I uppload the first side but I actually dont know how to do that for the whole side, This is a screenshoot to start with!

See also here: Problem when build the app - #3 by Anke

What is this block about: