Samsung A53 BLE scan cant find ESP32

Hello. I have 2 phones: samsung A51 and samsung A53. Both have android 13 with sdk33 and the latest software update. Both could pair and communicate with a BLE headphones. But only samsung A51 could find by scanning and communicate with my ESP32-Wroom arduino based device successfully. I have read many topics about BLE issues on Android 12+ so my version of the BLE extension is "20230223-beta". I have add all possible permissions to the screen initialize procedure and got no change. Also I checked location sensor and bluetooth activity. All the diference between 2 setups (phone-application-esp32) that I found is phone bluetooth version. Samsung A53 has bluetooth 5.1 and samsung A51 has 5.0, but as I got from discussions the changes in new version are not significant in my case. So does anyone has any suggestions what else I could check to make A53 workable?

Got some additional info:

  1. With previous version of BLE extension (2020082) scan and connection are successfull, but data transfer is missing completely (reading as writing operations has no result). What is strange is that I can see the esp device while scanning with appinventor app, but cant in scanning with android bluetooth scan.
  2. Sony Xperia Z1 with SDK27 can scan, connect and communicate with my esp device too.

It's unfortunate that you are experiencing issues with the MIT App Inventor BLE extension on your Samsung A53 device. While the Bluetooth version difference between the Samsung A51 (Bluetooth 5.0) and A53 (Bluetooth 5.1) may not seem significant, there could still be some subtle differences or compatibility issues.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to make the Samsung A53 work with your ESP32-Wroom Arduino-based device:

  1. Double-check Permissions:
  • Ensure that you have granted all necessary permissions for the app on the Samsung A53 device. This includes Bluetooth, Location, and any other relevant permissions.
  • Sometimes, Android updates might reset app permissions, so it's a good idea to verify the permissions again.
  1. Location Services:
  • On some Android devices, BLE scanning may be affected by the status of the device's Location Services. Ensure that Location Services are enabled on the Samsung A53.
  • Additionally, try enabling High Accuracy mode for Location Services.
  1. Clear Cache and Data:
  • On the Samsung A53, try clearing the cache and data of the MIT App Inventor app. This can help resolve potential issues that may arise after app updates or installations.
  1. Test with Other BLE Devices:
  • Test the MIT App Inventor app on the Samsung A53 with other BLE devices to see if the issue is specific to your ESP32-Wroom device. This will help determine whether the problem lies with the app or the device.
  1. Check for Firmware Updates:
  • If your ESP32-Wroom Arduino-based device has firmware that can be updated, check for any available updates or bug fixes that might improve compatibility with newer Android versions.
  1. External BLE Apps:
  • Test the ESP32-Wroom device with other BLE apps on the Samsung A53 device to check if it can be detected and communicated with by other applications. This will help identify if the issue is specific to the MIT App Inventor app or the device itself.