RuntimeError: Irritants: (Cannot find Component:Conversation1 Problem with application)

I am making an app for our project and whenever I go to another screen the .Initialize won't seem to work saying that it couldn't find it, but in other screens it works.


this 'irritants' error has been asked repeatedly , pls search on community to see if any solution.

I tried it again last night and I realized that whe I added it onto another screen the screen would no longer work as well. The solution here is to not cramp it onto one screen just like I did. I tried to test if this solution works and it does. I limited the amount of arrangements to only 4-5 and it works. If you have the same solution try it out if you have time

Hi just so I am understanding correctly, the problem was you had too many arrangements on one screen? So when you reduced the number it seemed to be working? I am having a similar problem too.

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