Runtime List Error: Attempt to get item number 4 on a length of list 3

Hi, I'm a newcomer to the MIT App Inventor community and I need some help.

So I've been involved in a university group project with a couple of classmates where we must make an app as our final assignment. We made an English Lessons App designed for students where they must answer three questions in a level before they move on to the next level when they have enough points.

We are almost done with the app, but every time I answered the three questions contained in each level, I get a Runtime Error that says, "Select list item: Attempt to get item number 4 of a list of length 3." Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Screen 1
blocks (1)

Screen 2 (LevelScreen)

Screen 3 (QuizScreen)

aia file:
New_EnglishLessonsREVISED_1.aia (4.3 MB)

So can anyone help fixing this issue? If so, then thanks.

Try this

New_EnglishLessonsREVISED_2.aia (4.3 MB)

So, what are your changes for the app then, @dora_paz and what's wrong with it?

Is it working properly now ?

No more runtime error when I run the app, thank you so much @dora_paz.

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What I did was to reset global picker if value was greater than 3