Runtime Error, with undefined?

So I'm developing a copy of FNAF 1 myself, and I can play the game. (I'm not publishing this or anything of the sort, don't worry.) But, whenever I play the game, this comes up out of nowhere.

Please show your code...

Are you using any extension?

I am not using any type of extension. Check my other reply for the code.

Here is all of my code. Sorry for not providing it earlier.

That's hard to check each block. Can you say from which action / activity the error occurs?

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It happens at any time, but it does take 1 to 2 in-game hours (so 60 seconds per hour) to start occurring. It happens when closing doors (sometimes), when animatronics move, sometimes, and when foxy gets to his running stage, Always. I don't know why, but its just giving Runtime Error, with no details on said error.