Runtime error with for each loop

Hi everyone, I'm new on this coding world.

I'm having this Runtime Error that I can't figure it out. The app works normally but I have this error and I thought of deleting the warning popup but as I read on this forum Its advised not to do so. That's why I am here asking for help.

This are the blocks:

It does a check to see if each individual item of the list "Ingredientes" and the list "Gusto" is on the "FideosConSalchicha" list. If both return true then it displays it on screen.

"FideosConSalchicha" is a list that is taken from a Firebase Database (just clarifying it)

In "FideosConSalchicha" index 1 corresponds to "Gusto" of that variable and index 2 to "Ingredientes" of that variable, then it compares to the aforementioned "Ingredientes" and "Gusto".

Like I said, the app works perfectly, but this bug makes it look very unprofessional.

Error Image:


The elements in Ingredientes are: ["Sal", "Aceite De Oliva"]
It should repeat the for each item loop two times in this case but it claims that the second argument isn't a list and is Empty

What can i do with this error? I know everyone has stuff to do but the project deadline is in two days so yeah, the sooner I get the help the more grateful I am going to be.

When you ask Firebase for something that should return a list, what do you specify as the value to be returned if there is nothing there?

  • a create empty list block, or
  • an empty text (wrong).

If that doesn't help,

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.