Runtime Error The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , ["Wednesday "], [2]

Hello Aena,

You posted some blocks, but you haven't shown the part where the error occurs (the part where you select the list item).

To download a clear image of your blocks, right-click them and select Download Blocks as Image. Or, right-click on an empty space in the Blocks editor and select Download Blocks as Image to do so for an entire screen.

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In the place where you load your list of tasks from TinyDB, check if the returned value is a list with an if then block using the Is A List block.

If it falls the test, use an empty list.

I suspect you have leftover non-list values in TinyDB.

PS. @Gordon_Lu is right, you showed us the wrong screen.

Show us all of them.

Also, switch screens properly. Close screens as often as you open them.

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