Runtime error "Pager" App

I'm making a "pager" like app, that a child/teen can send a quick sms to their parents for example when they arrive or departure from their school or their language institute. But, When I open the a Runtime error pops up invoke: no method named `GetValue' in class java.lang.Boolean. I test my apps on a Xperia E Dual with android 4.1.1 . Of course I have a SIM card inside, my phone number, a Prepaid Card.

Thanks :grin:,

Here is the .aia file.
ParentPager.aia (8.5 KB)

Hello Ian

You don't need all those Notifier components - the App can only show one Notifier at a time, so just use one and set the message according to circumstance.

If you study your Blocks, there is one 'CustomMsgNotifier' which is incomplete and another 'CustomMsgButton' that does not exist.