Runtime Error Listview from Google Sheet

I'm trying to get my all of my listviews to show my data from google spread sheet, each listview has been divided for each column data. Previously I had used google sheet but did everything in a way using it's google form. but now I wanted to move on on by doing some CRUD work but only managed to find tutorials by using google script and sheet, not by using google form anymore. so i tried to make changes but it seems to not be working as it should, i need help

This is how it should be:



Google Sheet:

Google Script:

First issue:

In your script you want as func == "ReadAll":


in your blocks it looks like you are sending func = "RealAll":


Fix that, then see if it works.....

I corrected that error, now it can read my data but now the data are all in different order

Looks like you need to understand the columns of data being returned, and assign them accordingly.

You may also need to do some work with your listviews so that they line up. Put all the listviews in a horizontal arrangement, and then put the horizontal arrangement inside a vertical scrolling arrangement. Then set the item heights and "extra" following this guide:

Thanks, I did manage to figure it out. Now i'm on to my next task which is when a selection index from the list view is selected, it will show the person's profile from the database. Now i want to put this selection for each listview(column). Will this code still be valid if my data values are mostly strings? as it says parseInt knowing it will only receive values in number form right? is there another solution for this?

The way I setup the spreadsheet in my original example was to use a number system in the first column, this is then used to select the correct row in the data. What you will need to do is get the index of the selected item in the listview, then pass this as the

I tried to follow the tutorial but something's not right
the first column is where i'll try to select to view the persons data

here's the output once selected

here is the error

here are my blocks


Try with


not &id=

Note: you may have to ADD 1 (+1) to the selectionIndex in order to return the correct record if you have a header row in your spreadsheet

i tried fixing it from the "&" to "?" still nothing, as well as adding 1 to the selection index. the long error message that has all the html codes still pop up and the output is still the same as the picture i last sent above... helppp

Test in your computer browser:

https://<YOUR SCRIPT URL>/exec?id=1&func=ReadRecord

This works for me with my example

Thank you, i don't think i changed anything. I just tried out the link then suddenly when i ran the emulator, it worked. now onto my delete button... :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I tried deleting a row of data after selecting the listview index. so how it works is that after selecting it'll open up my view layout and close the list layout. then when clicking the delete button it should delete the data and bring us back to the refreshed list layout but it doesnt seem to be deleting any data.

here are the blocks:

The script is only expecting ONE request to delete, you do not need to send THREE. Check and test whether you need the script to ADD +1 to the id you send.

You have also used &id= instead of ?id= again (it will break things if you do not use the ? on the first parameter)

Suggest you do all the refreshing in the Web.GotText event, after you have successfully deleted (received confirmation from the script). You will need to call down all the data (ReadAll) to get the dataset with the deleted row.