Runtime error length=10 index=-1, I need help my teacher can't figure it out either

I am trying to do an automatic note taker, where you say the note you want to take and once you select one of the options in the list it changes to what you have said.

I tried puting a label where the note said is passed to then put it in the list but it still doesn't work how can I fix it?

I see you're using an extension. It wouldn't hurt to tell us what extension the LIST_Notes component is...

list component from the user interfarce in the palette, it is not an extension

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ah I just realized it's a ListView. My bad.

no worries

What are you trying to do by setting the created Element to the selection ? Add to the elements list or replace an existing item?

You should be using an overriding AI2 list to build the elements, and then set this to the listview. Something like this:

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ok now I see thanks