Runtime error irritating

Runtime error. Irritating: (The <= operation cannot accept arguments: , ["No address available"], [5] Bad arguments for <=)

Why am I getting this error?
I attach photos of the blocks

The error is here:

what do you want to do there?

MultiFactory.aia (12.9 KB)
basically it saves the current position where you are, to find the car easily.
In fact, by removing the watch the error disappeared

Yes, the question is what do you want to achieve in that Clock.Timer...because you are doing the same in both "if" / "else - if" statements...insert the same element in ultima_pozinion don't need an if for that...and, in addition, you are comparing the ListPicker.Text with you want to compare the number of elements? it has not sense to compare the ListPicker.Text there...

You have two possibilities here...if you want to store your Address at intervals regardless of whether it has changed or not, in which case, use the timer (don't set a very low interval) and add elements to the list in the timer block:

Or to add only new addresses when changed. Then add items to the list in LocationChanged:

To solve the comparison with "5" I need you give me more details...

okay, thanks