Runtime Error. Irrants (using the Navigation control)

RuntimeError. Irritants: (The operation EndLocation cannot accept the argument: , [["41.64107880383613, -88.05665738938842", "41.53570112408915, -88.01299999002369", "41.57292874063639, -88.05916026234628"]] Bad arguments to EndLocation)
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I still have additional coding to input for other variables of my project but cannot find a way to get around this error. If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to fix this issue please reach out. Thank you

Welcome Aidan.

You request all three items that are in the List destinationLatLong in your EndLocation simultaneously. You can only request one item at a time. :cry:

You never specify which item you want to use with a select list from Block in your for each item in list Block.

If I want to use the Lat Long value that correspond with the destination names how would I do that?

To use the EndLocation you need an address, not a latitude and longitude..
You need a StartLatitude and StartLongitude Block.

Perhaps this tutorial will help

Possibly you want to do something like this:

I have done that and now this message is displayed.


Each time I try to fix writing a different error with the same format pops up

Done what specifically? I cannot see your Blocks.

Did you reproduce all the Blocks in a new Project? Did you provide a ORS api code?

Sorry I thought I included the image.
I reproduced all the blocks and made an account to provide an API code.

But I continue to run into this error or a variant of it.

Those fuzzy split text blocks look fishy.

The image you provided is blurred. I can not check it. :cry: :

This code works on an Android. You can try it on your ios device. You need to include YOUR OpenRouteService api code for it to work. :wink:

pickDestinationToNavigateTo.aia (3.2 KB)

I am not sure what to do for this coding as I keep stumbling upon "runtime error". Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Sadly the code did not work on IOS. I have imported my api code to the navigation block since the beginning of the thread.

The link worked I just had to import it back into app inventor. Everything is working in the desired way. Thank you so much for your help @SteveJG !!!

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This is what I get on my Android 13.

You used the ORS token so it should work on an Android device.

A guess is that one of the Blocks is not compatible with ios yet.

Borrow an Android and see if it works. As coded, it won't work on an emulator because it uses the LocationSensor.

All good now thank you!!

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