Runtime Error in APK File

i have a Problem with my APK File, returns Runtime Error at Start.
Works flawlessly in AI2 Companion. Where should i search for the Problem?
I have a tiny database connecting all screens and a settings menu to type in IPs for developement boards. These are empty on default, maybe there is the problem?
Thanks :wink:

We do not know. You need to show your screen layouts, relevant blocks on startup and other relevant blocks. Do you have a Table Arrangement there ?

These are all the function executed with startup

Can you please post .aia file over here?

SchreibtischHandy_V9.aia (248.6 KB)

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You are trying to build colors from blanks instead of from numbers.

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Yep, the problem exists in the values supplied to MakeColor block

On first start of the app there are no values in TinyDB... in this case the valueIfTagNotThere is important... so what should the default color be on first start? An empty string will not help... set it to a number between 0 and 255


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This error dosent happen in companion because already there are some values saved in TinyDB (TinyDB values do not refresh on each new run).

so i have to write 0s in the blanks, donΒ΄t i?
never thought of that, thank you :wink:

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Its working now, thanks very much

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