Runtime error error from companion

When i try to connect the emulator it is showing the following error

When i tried in other system i am getting the following. I just connected the emulator without any blocks

Hello Suresh

I'm not sure the Emulator will work if there are no Blocks - there is nothing to Emulate.

It's possible that the Project that triggers a ton of errors contains something that the Emulator doesn't "know". An extension perhaps.

Why not try the Companion instead?

If that also crashes, we will need to see your Blocks (right-click in the work area and select "export blocks as image" from the pop-up menu)

Please export your project and post it here.

You probably skipped the dialog that says that your companion version is out of date and needs to be updated. The error messages you're showing come from older versions of the App Inventor companion. The first error is due to the companion being older than when we introduced extensions (circa mid 2016). Prior to that update, every component type was prepended with the App Inventor package. This didn't make sense once extensions were available so we started sending the whole class name in the code.

The second error indicates that the AppName property doesn't exist. That was introduced in companion version 2.24 (Feb 2015).

Please follow the upgrade prompts next time you start the emulator, or if you're still connected you can use About > Upgrade Companion to initiate an upgrade.

Hello, I also get same error where my companion if not upgrading at all. I dont get the message to update the companion, before that process stops with the same error mentioned above. Can you please let me know where to go for About > upgrade Companion

Hello Anugraha

You can download the Companion to your Android Device (smart phone) from Google Play.

Ok Thank you. did we got that error solved, do you have any idea about that.