Runtime erro on sound player

hello,my name is Abhishek. I am creating an Octapad application. A lot is already over. But there is one error. when i start playing it,after few minute shows this erro.

I don't know why, but when I run "set ton to pad" procedure, it works again. i tried after build app,but also shows there too. Can you give me a solution to this problem?:cry:.and sorry for my english knowledge.

My app. :point_down:
Octa.aia (817.5 KB)

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Hi Abhishek

  1. Why isn't Screen1 the Pad?

  2. The Companion Build falters on the .jpg images - they are way too large.

Optimize them for Smartphones (convert them to .webp too). See my website:
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images.

  1. I'm surprised you are using Sprites - what is wrong with using buttons? Much easier to ensure that buttons are positioned as required across a variety of smartphone sizes. (The sprites shouldn't be set to rotate either).

  2. What is the Clock Timer for? It is set to Timer Always Fires.

  3. The sounds are short, use the Sound component instead of the Player.


Hi again Abhishek

Is it true that only one pad makes a sound at a time?


Like this:

OctaWithButtons.aia (139.5 KB)

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1.i am going to go make a octapad app using physical octapad made by arduino, connecting smartphone and arduino by usb .user can interact using smartphone display or previous told physical there has connecting,setting,loadings and many other i hold that screen to do that :grin:.

  1. yes,when first time i start project,i used button.but i think there has some things are not match my purpose.i feel small delay to play sound,i wanto make square pad with edges, and more. so, after small calculation for smartphone screen, i can place pads on matching on eny display size phone :grin:

4.ohh. it is use for recall "set tone to pad" procedure for check error was fixed. unfortunately it is not work. when called procedure there going litle delay to play. so its only for testing๐Ÿ˜….

yes, only played one sound in one timeโ€‹:cry:. can not play two or more sound at same time :cry:. i think it is small problem. because player mainly use physical octapad :pensive:. do you know reason for that problem?:upside_down_face::pensive:.

Sorry, i tried it.but it can not play music well.and touched pad vibrate my phone.i think because it is button :grin::upside_down_face:..and there has delay :pensive::cry:

The smartphone only has one sound channel?

No, it won't vibrate just because it's a button...... Music plays well here?

That can be done with the image on the button.... same as a sprite

That is your Smartphone - it does not matter if the Pads are buttons, sprites or any other clickable component.

Use Anke's Extension "GetMetrics.aix"

That makes sense, though I would have the Octapad on Screen1. Also, with Arduino involved, better to use only one Screen with Virtual Screens.

If you are worried about delays between sounds, probably the Octapad on the phone will be redundant.

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