Running error . When i calculate multiply and sum together

Hello everyone this is my first post i hope someone can help me .

I have made a program, which I ask the user for a value A and a value B (I continue and ask him C, D etc).

I want to multiply all the values that I ask him and get a total sum (for example (A * B) + (C * D) + (D * E) etc) =LABEL TOTAL SUM

When I give values and press the button to calculate, it shows me that who you can see in the picture("RUNNING ERROR").
Below I quote my code for you to see.


Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2021-12-09 115124

Set all your textboxes to 0 before you start. AI2 cannot carry out calculations on empty textboxes.



Thank you very much.

Miss Anke, Thank you so much for your time i really appreciate it.
I followed your instructions and it finally worked!!
With that way i can insert float numbers.


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