Run Time Error while scanning for network devices

Hi all, this is my first post on this forum. I want an urgent help. I want to develop an app which would scan for IP Addresses assigned to devices in the local wifi network. I have used KIO4_GetAllIP1 extension, but it ends up with the run time error. Code is being attached here.

Anyone? I have searched a lot, but not getting any clue

Hello Abdul

We are all in different parts of the world, so there is a time difference that means you may have to wait to hear from an expert, especially on a Sunday which has special significance across Europe.

I have assigned your topic to the developer of the extension, Juan.

Sorry for the inconvenience., and thanks for the reply.


Try this version

but is very slow.

@Juan_Antonio Thanks, this version is running and as you said is slow. I think it is slow because it is pinging the every ip on the network. I have implemented the same using ping on all ip addresses of the subnets. What I want to achieve now is getting host names against scanned ips. Do you have any idea how we can achieve this. I used "ip neigh" commands, it gives mac-addresses only, but not the devices' names.

@Juan_Antonio Is there a way we can run linux' "nmap" command on your terminal extension?

The available commands are those found in /system/bin
To add more commands, you may need to be root.