Run APs from Appinventor in a webpage?

Run APs from Appinventor in a webpage ?

I'm told:-
"AppInventor projects wouldn't be easy to make a website from.
Android apps are written in Java or Kotlin (AppInventor uses Java).
Browsers cannot natively run Java.
Therefore the Java would need to be rewritten as HTML/CSS/JS at least,
which is difficult even with AI (because it isn't always right). "

There are a few ways to convert Java to HTML/CSS/JS.

One way is to use a compiler like CheerpJ.
CheerpJ can convert Java bytecode to JavaScript, which can then be used to create HTML and CSS files.

Another way to convert Java to HTML/CSS/JS is to use a tool like GWT (Google Web Toolkit).
GWT allows you to write Java code that is then compiled into JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

AI - Online Java to JavaScript Converter

How difficult would THAT be?

PS I run a few Android APs on Windows 11 ( including an Appinventor AP ) in an Android Emulator (BlueStacks) .

Why not try it and report back on your results ?

I think the challenge you will run into is that the component code, while written in Java, is very tightly coupled to the Android implementations of various views (e.g., Button). You would need to build a compatibility layer that could provide the HTML versions of each of the Android-specific components we use to eventually get this to work.