Rtsp stream from phone camera

so, I'm trying to stream video from a mobile phone. I have tried it using the web viewer option but it didn't work and I've got no idea how to do it. (I'm in the most newbie level possible)
any suggestions? :"(
and btw, sorry for my English😅

Welcome Maria.

You probably cannot stream video to others using the phone's Camera.

What have you tried using the WebViewer? Share some Blocks please.

Possibly the information here would help if you have an Rtsp stream from somewhere other than the Android's Camera https://flashphoner.com/7-ways-to-stream-rtsp-on-the-page/ . You might be able to use one of these techniques using an imbedded html.

This discussion might be what you want to do Camera grove avec app . It discusses using an ip camera connected to an arduino.

I have tried opening this link with the WebViewer and replaced the ip:pin part with my phone's ip and the considered pin
I know this is not a URL, but I thought it would open it in a web player or something.
is there a way to stream video using the Video Player option with an rtsp source?

Using the WebViewer doesn't work as you discovered.

I do not believe it is possible using the Video Player either.

Use the advice previously posted or review the community discussions about using ip cameras. What the community knows should be listed there. There isn't an obvious solution. Most people using external video cameras use an arduino in conjunction with their Android.

look this: