Rotate sprite XY error

Small problem of the day ...

When I press a button it moves the sprite according to coordinates = ok
But for the sprite to be in the right position I have to rotate 11.25° = ok

On the other hand, the rotation, I think is done by its center while the position is done by the corner at the top left.

This has the effect of shifting the shape.
I even tried to recover the x and y after rotation but it's the same coordinates.

Anyone have an idea please ?

TY and good day

Did you try adjusting the x/y coordinates to move the sprite left and down ?

Yes, but I have a circle separated in 32 sector (11.25 °) x25...and the offset is not the same, I find no constant ...

Have you considered using the drawArc block instead of a sprite ?

Yes but the design is so simple !

There will be trigonometry.

Can transparent sprites overlap?

Like 32 of them?

A triumph of Art over Math?

An example using drawArcs

drawArcsToFillSector.aia (4.8 KB)


if it has to be a imageSprite, try to make an image like this

make the left part transparent.