Rotate ImageSprite 360 based on user input from textbox

I am trying to make a program that makes an imagesprite rotate 360 degrees, the amount of times the user has entered in a textbox. For instance, if the textbox has a value of 4, when the user hits the submit button, it will rotate 4 times.

do you mean rotate slowly, like animation? then use a clock.

Yeah, however, I need it to take input from the textbox. So if the user enters "9" in the textbox, then it will rotate 360°, 9 times. If they enter 3 it will rotate 360° 3 times, etc. I wrote code using the blocks, that in theory should work, but they don't.

show your blocks

For better clarification I uploaded a Screenshot of the Components, and then a Screenshot of the blocks.

as mentioned previoulsy, use a clock.
And you can not change the heading by minus 360. Turning 360 means no turning.

If you want the rotation to be visible, you need to show intermediate rotation positions, maybe eight per rotation.

Use a counter variable And math to set intermediate headings in your clock Timer.

This will rotate twice. You can figure out how to make it rotate nine times surely (9 * 360 ) ... replace the 720.

It rotates by increments of 20, so you can see the rotation on the screen. :astonished: