Rotate circle with finger instead of horizontal movement of slider

Hello. How can we rotate a circular shape instead of moving the slider horizontally?

I want to use rotating a circular shape instead of moving a slider horizontally to adjust the microscope.

Here is one approach:

Hi thanks.

You could also set an imageSprite on a canvas with a circular image, then set the blocks to allow the image to be rotated by a finger.....

Hi set right or left rotate (add counter and minus counter)?

Here are the basics

rotateImageOnCanvas.aia (5.7 KB)

You will need to do some maths to get a linear output, currently 0 right, -90 bottom, -180 left, 90 top when rotated clockwise

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Hi ,very thanks.excellent.

I did the maths....

rotateImageOnCanvasLinearOutput.aia (7.0 KB)

Also try with this image


Hello Mr. mah bagh.

I use the microscope too (for geology purposes).
I see you are trying to measure or see properties like pleochroism or another property (related to anisotropy) of what is viewed in a microscope.
But. If the camera is not moved, not the platen or the microscope... this property will not change, but will change the possibility to see BETTER and in another direction. Only from another axial point of view.
PLEASE correct me in that.
I want to know what the use will you do, to understand it.

Hello. I use a microscope to teach different textures in school. There are images of different textures in the online bank, and according to the desired texture, the images from the online bank are displayed in the microscope. I don't use a camera. I want to teach students how to work with a microscope and also introduce students to different tissues.
It is a demonstration and educational microscope


Thanks for replying.
I was curious for a reason.

If you move the plate of the microscope, in some objects (like minerals), you can see some properties (like colors changing minerals, some change if you see from other direction). This properties are the same in isotropic minerals, but NOT in minerals with anisotropy (the properties change depending the axis of the mineral -x/y/z-).
If you move the plate with a photo taken or a video, you only will change the ORIENTATION of the VIEW, not the real property in the microscope. and in this case as you pointed is for educational purpose. So, this case i explain is not related.

Again thank you for your description of what you want to do.

When I was taught to use a microscope, the first and most important lesson was to crouch at the side of the microscope, to watch the lens being lowered to the slide, to avoid contact, and from there to only raise the lens away from the slide when looking through the eyepiece.

This was intended to avoid crashing the lens into the slide cover when zooming in.

Depending on the level of the user, you might consider adding that lesson to your app, with sound effects. (crunch!)

Hello and thanks for your useful explanation.

Hello and thanks for your useful explanation