Root folder of latest Android Mobile Phones

Is there a new root folder for newer models? a friend of mine gets "File not found" error message, image , while older phones are working just fine. image

A lot of things changed in Pie and later versions.

is there a new generic root folder that can replace this, "file:///storage/emulated/0/"?

No. With which Android version does the problem arise (Android 10 or 11)?
See also here:

Samsung S9, S10 & S20


Anke is asking for the android version, not the phone model.

Im not sure about the android version, that's why I answered the phone model. So, the root folder path was really changed based on the android version? is that what you're saying?

Did you read the topic Anke gave you. An explanation can be found there and what the problem is.

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Sorry, I'm no expert. I just need to clarify the root folder.

So with the latest versions, is it "file:////storage/emulated/0/myDir" or "file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/EZ4/files/"?

EZ4 = PackageName