Rock-Paper-Scissors: not modern AI but great tutorial

Hi, I found the “Rock-Paper-Scissors tutorial” in Artificial Intelligence with MIT App Inventor. That’s great!
I created the app following this tutorial. Then, I briefly explained what it seems a little difficult for students to understand. Some of the difficulties include:
(1) Generic Event Processing
(2) How to change the Markov Transition Matrix as a list of lists

The following is a Japanese explanation, but I hope you find it helpful:

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@yamafu Thanks for the translation. Do you want to share in detail your thoughts with @Selim_Tezel?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I would like to discuss this with him. But before that, I need to translate the description of the last four figures in my article into English because they are images. Please wait for a while.

Dear Prof. Yamamoto,
Thank you for your kind efforts in translating this work to Japanese. We, as the Education Team, are huge fans of your work, due to your excellent submissions to the App of The Month. Please contact me at stezel AT if you would like to be added to our list of on-call collaborators to give feedback on our upcoming educational materials.
Selim Tezel

@Selim_Tezel, Thank you for your kind invitation.
Later, I will personally send you an email.